Email Marketing

email marketing

     When we turn to email marketing techniques the big problem is that we must be very careful not to be considered as spammers. Email marketing techniques most commonly used are newsletters, promotions, annoncements and the advantage is that these are offering immediate results.
WinWinHost can help you with the email campaign by simply show you how to apply some quite simple rules. Let's see some basic things that we need to do when starting an email campaign:

1) Build a list of contacts. This you can start directly from your email address that you already have and is a very good start in a email campaign.

2) Found out the email addresses of persons who have agreed to use their data for various campaigns of some existing companies. This you can do by contacting these companies and negotiate a price.

3) If you are member of some online groups then you can use that grup emails. Often this can be considered spam in a email campaign but there are plenty of exceptions.

4) Get email addresses from the Internet. This is easily to be dome because many visitors leave their email addresses when they register on different sites or directories form but you must be careful because this is definitely considered spam.

5) Promote your own email newsletter. It is a great way when you want those who receive your emails to subscribe and receive your newsletter.

6) Ask your users already registered to forward your email newsletter on their friends. Many times if your site has rich and quality content you can get many newsletter subscribers in a very short time.

7) Notify and promote your newsletter on other websites or get together with other companies to promote your business through their newsletter because for a certain amount of money you can get a few words about your company in their email campaign.

     WinWinHost can help you in organizing a well structured email campaign that will bring you a lot of subscribers and customers simultaneously. All you need to do is contact us and we will provide your company with our knowledge and our rental list for your email marketing campaign.