Advantages of reselling Windows server space


      Generally when you want to become a web hosting reseller you should consider everything carefully before starting to provide such services.It is better to decide if it is in your advantage to provide space on a Windows server or on a Linux server. Although Linux servers are very popular we still must note that they do not offer all the advantages that a Windows server is offering. For example, for a reseller account on a Windows Server, offered by WinWinHost there is no need to have multiple accounts to cope with a large number of clients, which does not happen when you have a reseller account on a Linux server where customers will be redistributed. Also running applications in various programming languages ​​such as PHP, jQuery, etc. is possible in the same cPanel.Meanwhile, you can use ASP and ASP.NET, a powerful tool in developing web applications that allows us to use the most popular CMS currently available.

      Besides the benefits listed above must take into account the solution offered by Windows for running databases, namely SQL Server with which besides the fact that the software is developed to support complex applications, we can bring a plus for our business by offering this solution as a reseller. Also the fact that a Windows server can meet all the requirements even with an infusion of customers it is still something to consider when you want to buy a reseller account.                                                           

A reseller account on a Windows server offers advantages in all areas compared to other servers and certainly can be a viable solution when we develop such a business. Besides the technical advantages offered we talk about sustainability and service quality advantage that in this case are very important for us as resellers and for the customers that we will attract. It is not enough to offer such services but always need to offer it at a very high level so we’ll progress over time with technological progress and with increasing demands and requests from our customers.