Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to optimize your site to be easily found by search engines. Depending on the keywords you use, the site will be indexed by search engines in a better or worse position. To lead your website to the top of search engines you have to put in a lot of hard working,good techniques and you need to have a lot of inspiration. Statistics say that 90% of those who try SEO techniques fail to get their desired results. The best solution is to hire an SEO expert to handle the promotion and site optimization in a professional way to get professional result.

It is very hard to get to the top just using SEO techniques because this technique is time consuming and you’ll need a lot of patience to achieve results but once you reach the top on search engines results for at least one keyword then you’ll discover the true face of SEO techniques in terms of efficiency and all that a quality traffic means.
The most important factor when it comes to SEO is the content of the site. I refer here to have good content on your site and relevant to the field approached by the website.

Many people are wondering what is more appropriate for a website: SEO or PPC campaigns?

SEO takes from a month to 3 months to see results.Its the restructuring of your site, its content, and promotion across the internet which brings organic visitors.Organic visitors are unpaid for, they

come via a link, or non sponsored search result.

PPC gives immediate results, but you have to pay for each click. We can setup a sponsored link to show up on search engine searches pertaining to and sites with relevant content.This takes more serious monitoring, because you have to track your ROI. We can setup a budget, you want to spend on clicks daily, and make sure your ads only show up for people who we know are in your local area.

Advantages of SEO:

1) It’s free.Compared with the rival technique (PPC), SEO does not require an investment from those who use it.
2) In general SEO bring more visitors to a website than a PPC campaign just from search engines. This is because many PPC campaigns are not optimized for the right keywords and because of that users understood that is a higher possibility to click on a sponsored link and not find what they seek. That is why SEO remains much more efficient when it comes to quality traffic.
3) Using SEO will help your website to become increasingly searched on search engines and this is because over time, if SEO is done properly then other websites will link to yours and this will bring more popularity and visibility on search engines. Remember that it is still very difficult to obtain good results from SEO and because of that you need an SEO expert.

4) Once you've managed to optimize your website for SEO and you are in top results for search engines, your website it will remain there as opposed to what would happen if you have a PPC campaign because when you stop a PPC campaign the number of visitors / customers would drop dramatically.

Advantages of PPC campaigns:
1) You can get results very quickly.
2) A PPC campaign can be managed as desired and you can stop certain ads or add new ones anytime.

3) You can easily form an opinion about your ROI (Return On Investment) because you can monitor the campaign closely and you can see where you have good results and where not.
4) Everything is controlled in a PPC campaign and therefore you can select only certain regions or a particular type of customers for your campaign.

Whether or not you choose to use PPC, you will definitely benefit from some SEO work. For PPC the keywords are different in price depending on competition.We can do a keyword analysis of your site. Generating a list of words found on your site, manually filtering irrelevant results, and adding relevant suggestions.You can also think of possible search words and phrases you want to target, submit the list to us, and we can get back to you with their cost.
It will have a list of words and how much they cost per click. Ultimately you control how much you spend per day.The higher the budget, the more traffic generated.

Finally it is good to know that both techniques are indicated when you want good results both short and long term. Everything depends the budget that you have at your disposal if you want to use both SEO and PPC campaigns.