PayPal Services


       At this moment PayPal is the world's most popular service for online payments and over 100 million Internet users use PayPal to send money or to purchase something from the Internet.

       The service provided by works as a bank account, the only difference being that everything is done electronically from the computer through an Internet connection. A user who opens an account at PayPal need to be using a credit card that is compatible with online payments. The money can be withdrawn from the bank account and moved into the electronic account and vice versa.

      With PayPal all the transfers are immediate and guaranteed and all  the customer information are kept secret and you need no special technology or license when you want to send/receive money through PayPal but you do need a valid credit card/bank account and a valid email address.

We have three types of PayPal accounts: Personal, Premier, and Business:  


Your PayPal account can be upgraded at any time from personal account to premier or business account.


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