General web hosting types

web hosting types

     Probably many of you know that web hosting can be of several types but I'm sure that you don’t know too much details in this regard. At this point the types of web hosting are:

- Shared
- Reseller

- Collocation

- Dedicated
- Virtual Dedicated
- Managed / Unmanaged
- Grid

- Emails

- Domains
- Exchange


     To understand better what are the strengths and weaknesses of each type of web hosting we will present them so you will be able to form an opinion about the product that you have or need.

1) Shared Web hosting. This implies that several websites to be hosted on the same server, which can sometimes have negative aspects if there will be customers who will abuse the resources they have at their disposal.
In general there are many users who choose this type of web hosting and this is because of the low prices but also because they do not need too many resources so badly and this type of web hosting really refers to those who own small websites.

2) Reseller web hosting. This type of web hosting allows any client to use server resources for profit. How to make profits? Very simple, by selling space on a server or let’s say by creating their own web hosting companies. All that a user needs to do after he buys a web hosting reseller package is to ensure that he can provide the necessary support for his future clients.

3) Collocation web hosting. This type of web hosting refers to cases where customers own a server but they only want to use its resources. The provider will provide the infrastructure needed by a server to operate, making this type of web hosting  cheaper, but the cost for the server will instead be attributed to the customer.

4) Dedicated hosting. This type of web hosting assumes that a single user to have an entire server resources at his disposal. Even if the price is slightly bigger than shared web hosting price, we must recognize that the dedicated web hosting offer more options that other web hosting types because every user has full control over server resources.This web hosting type is suitable for mid-sized  and large companies who know they will need some more space on the server in the future.

5) Virtual Dedicated Server (VPS). This type of web hosting refers to partitioning a server into several virtual servers that has the same characteristics as a normal server. It should be noted that in this case, each virtual server can use a different operating system but at the same time all these servers will share the same resources which makes this type of web hosting  to be weaker than the dedicated web hosting. For these virtual servers to be created there are several software programs that can do this as Virtuozzo and VMware.

6) Managed / Unmanaged web hosting. Refers to the dedicated web hosting which can be divided into two major categories, namely managed and unmanaged. The managed web hosting advantage is that the user will not have to know programming languages or have wehosting knowledge to deal with the server because this is what the provider will do. For the unmanaged you have to do these things and you will surely lose precious time. Even if the managed web hosting is more expensive we have to admit that is worthing the money.

7) Grid. It is a very flexible platform for web hosting that has the duty to increase the space allocated to a website if it grows,avoiding any downtime.In the same time you’ll not have to worry that you must upgrade your account for more space. The only disadvantage of this type in comparison to the shared web hosting is that some technologies are not supported and I refer here to java, front page extensions, Cold Fusion and others.

8) Email hosting. This refers to mail servers. These servers are used by larger companies who wish to have their own email service, this service is still different from usual email servers because every company can select various extra options.

9) Domain hosting. Refers to buy a domain and just a few tools so you can maintain the account.

10) Exchange web hosting . Costs for this type of web hosting are quite high compared to those presented so far but if we take into account the benefits then this justify the cost. Exchange web hosting platform software is the most popular for sending emails and for various collaborations which can achieve a better communication between employees of a company.

     As you can see there are many types of web hosting and certainly every Internet user who wants to buy space on the web will know how to make the best choice depending on the needs he has.
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