What you should know about web hosting reseller

web hosting reseller

     Many of you want to begin a web hosting company to provide web services and the easiest way to do this is to purchase a reseller package. When you want to buy a reseller package you should take into account certain issues that a web host company must meet before you buy a package from them:

1) IP address and name servers. The IP address and name servers can be viewed by your users and it is therefore better to change everything so the user can see the names given by you and not those set by the company from where you bought the reseller package. In general, most web host companies offer this option but it is good to document in advance to avoid surprises later.

2) You should find out how safe are the servers used by the web host company so you’ll not wake up in the biggest trouble.

3) cPanel
What do you know about this company and what it offers in addition to others? You can do whatever changes you want in Control Panel?
Many web host companies do not offer full access to cPanel for a reseller and this is certainly not an advantage because we all want to do changes.
WinWinHost provides this utility for its users because we want everyone to have some of the highest quality services without imposing by force our own rules.

4) Ask if the company offers web hosting for any web content. For example it may not provide hosting for adult content and this is something you should know before buying the reseller package so you’ll know exactly what you can offer for your customers.

5) An important thing when you choose a web host that offers reseller packages is definitely the quality of support as you’ll have many questions to be asked and that's why you should be sure that you will be helped.


web hosting reseller


     After you have reviewed many web host companies offers and you bought an reseller package it depends only on you to attract more customers and make profit .Here are some tips that any reseller would have to consider when they begin to offer web hosting services:

1) Research the market and put in place a plan that allows you to attract new customers.

2) A reseller must be well trained in terms of finance because the only way he could keep a good record of everything that happens on his reseller account is to make periodical reports that includes all the financial transactions.

3) As a reseller, however, is indicate to have knowledge of web and e-commerce to make everything easier to understand.

4) Set up exactly what you need for the services you’ll provide and take into consideration all the needs of the future customers. Establish a price for the product and even offer a promotional price at the beginning, to attract more clients.

     Even if all these conditions are not required all the time and you can make profit from your work without too much web hosting knowledge, however you will find at some point after you start to get some customers that you have already begun to learn essential things about web hosting just by reading some tutorials and articles on the Internet.
WinWinHost offer reseller web hosting services at reasonable prices and will provide all necessary support to learn how you can become a successful reseller. For more details CLICK HERE.