Windows Server 2003 Services

windows 2003 server

      Windows Server 2003 was built based on Windows operating systems (reliability, manageability,availability, scalability, security) by integrating new technologies delivering a quality application environment to build, deploy, and run XML Web services.


Benefits on Windows Server 2003: 

- Simplified integration and interoperability   

- Increased enterprise efficiency   

- Improved developer productivity


      Windows Server 2003 enables .NET technology integrating support for XML Web services, which helps your applications when it comes to integration. In the same time Windows Server 2003 application is providing a complete set of integrated application services support and just by integrating .NET Framework into Windows Server all the developers can focus their efforts just on delivering quality projects.

      You must know that at this moment Windows Server 2003 provides one of the best set of services available for any development platform: interactive user interfaces, mature component object model, comprehensive data access, transaction processing monitors, integrated security.


Features that help WinWinHost developers to be productive:


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