Facebook will implement free video chat via Skype

facebook vs google      Facebook announced a partnership with Skype to add video chat in its pages and come up with an answer to the competition offered lately by Google+. Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg made ​​the public announcement Wednesday at the company's center in Palo Alto, California but it seems that everything depends on the understanding that they’ll make ​​with Microsoft Corp that recently bought Skype.
Given Facebook's popularity that currently have 750 million users, Skype is likely to benefit from incorporation of a free video chat on Facebook and probably we’ll see an infusion of users and a greater popularity that will allow Skype sell online products more easily.

      Agreement between Facebook and Skype will come as an answer to the functionality offered by Google + which allows users to participate in videoconferences consist of up to 10 people. Also Microsoft will probably make the most of this from buying Skype because they already own 1.6% of Facebook.
It remains to be seen whether this announcement will materialize in a stable collaboration and when exactly the new functionality will be implemented.