Managed Dedicated Hosting

managed hosting

Windows 2003 Server Available: 

  • Managed Windows Server
  • Pentium 4 2.4 Ghz CPU
  • 1 GB RAM
  • HELM control panel
  • 80 GB

 offers several options for collocation space and dedicated servers depending on customer needs. Lots of companies should expand by getting their own dedicated server online. Improve perfomance and reduce costs by developing your own solutions on your own system. Leverage open source intellectual property with outsourced software development to build your companies Intellectual Property. 

      In general, managed dedicated hosting is very useful for those who prefer quality to the detriment of very low price. Even so if we do a simple calculation we’ll found that managed dedicated  hosting is more advantageous than any other hosting. WinWinHost provides managed dedicated hosting at the best prices. Why choose managed hosting package from WinWinHost? Here are some reasons that will convince you:

     Rack Space For Individual Servers: Clients can lease rack space for individual servers or full rack's. We can receive shipment of all servers at our NOC and can install and power up customer servers as requested. 

Inquire us about purchasing hardware. Special pricing is available on used and refurbished servers.