MySQL Services


      Lately, the combination of PHP language and MySQL databases has become the best solution when someone wants to create a dynamic website and this happened mainly because the MySQL databases are very stable and requires no investment and in the same time the popularity of PHP, the programming language which is free and offers a variety of solutions to those who use it.
Unlike the alternatives we have this combination is best for most programmers.

 MySQL databases are designed to increase speed and efficiency and because of that we see millions of websites that use PHP and MySQL for dynamic content, authorization, e-commerce and more.


WinWinHost now offer complete hosting services for small and medium-sized business and even for larger business.Our MySQL solutions are:

      • Installing and configuring MySQL
      • Recommendations for database performance
      • Support for LAMP (Linux) and WAMP (Windows) in MySQL environments
      • Detecting and solving problems related to MySQL

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