Managed PPC Campaigns

managed ppc

When you are thinking of starting a PPC campaign is good to realize how important can be to receive some advices from an expert. Be aware that in general, more than 30% of the Internet users and many companies pay particular attention to sponsored links that appear on various search engines. Now just think about how many visitors and also customers you can attract with a well set ppc campaign considering that a large number of people can see your banner.
When you come to such a campaign must accurately determine which keywords will be used to promote your business better. Keywords play an extremely important role if you want to attract visitors who are really interested in what your site has to offer. Be sure to choose the exact words that will represent the contents of the site better.

With managed PPC campaigns all a user need to do is looking for one of the words that you have as a keyword and the first results appeared will contain your site as useful sites promoted through ppc campaigns (eg google search).
We can help you to find keywords that best represent your site and we can secure a place in the top searches for your business.You not only need inspiration in choosing keywords but also need a thorough investigation about the market in order to determine the most representative words.

We can provide information about everything that a managed PPC campaign contain. I mean here that you’ll know who clicked on your banner, the pages of your site with more visitors and even how many people that have visited the site have become customers for your business (visit Hire a PPC Specialist to read more about the importance of an PPC specialist). Yet to maintain a PPC campaign you should be up to date with everything happening on the Internet in terms of preferences for users because their needs are changing from time to time and certain keywords will lose their importance.

Why use PPC?

1) Since ppc campaigns are accessible to everyone, regardless of the budget you have available, we can test a campaign before investing more money in it.

2) When you call a managed PPC campaign you can use keywords suitable for customers interested in exactly what products or services you are offering.
3) If you launch a new site then a PPC campaign will be extremely useful to attract as many visitors as you can
4) You can change the strategy of an PPC campaing depending on your current results
5) A PPC campaign can allow you to start a good business in a market already dominated by other companies

If you want more tips about a managed PPC campaign then please visit Tips for a PPC Campaign.


What options do I have?
      At this moment the most important players in this market are Google, Yahoo and Bing. You usually pay ppc campaigns for clicks on your link and not only for impressions.In general users who are interested will click on your link and this means that you have quality traffic. Quality traffic refers to:
-  Users who are searching the products that you promote

-  The visit ends with a transaction
-  Visits are from the regions where you said you are interested
-  The visitor is entering the site and stay until he finds or not what he’s looking for
-  The visitor will come back on the site
The more quality traffic you have the higher probability of selling your products or get more subscribers.

What is conversion rate?

Conversion rate refers to the percentage of total number of visitors who become customers for your business. Therefore a higher quality traffic will bring also a higher conversion rate.
Overall conversion rate can be used as a starting point in a managed PPC campaign, and you’ll pay only for those users that visits your site.



An important thing in organizing a managed PPC campaign is tracking your campaign and this involves the following:

1) Check the efficiency of clicks received and modify your PPC campaing based on this informations. In a PPC campaign you have to take into account things like keywords that brings more visitors, conversion rate, search engines that brings most visitors and the price we pay for a click.

2) Watch the results of your managed PPC campaign and see who is visiting your site and what pages they are more interested in.

A tracking system will give you indications on your traffic so you’ll know if it is a quality traffic or not. If you do not have quality traffic you should rethink your PPC campaign because you risk wasting your time and money, and your site to lose credibility (visit 5 Mistakes when you start a PPC campaign to read more about mistakes made by users when they start a PPC campaign).

The main search engine were you can start a managed PPC campaign is Google and is closely followed by Yahoo. There are many search engines that offer these services but usually they end up by being incorporated into larger existing companies.
There are two ways you can attract visitors with a managed PPC campaign:
-  Sponsored Search, were you can place your add between results that appear on a search

-  Content Match, which refers to the placement of the link in articles and forums

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