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      The popularity of online shopping has made customers demands to be higher when it comes to quality and quantity of services provided by each e-store. Magento is currently top of the e-stores, is a software package that offers great flexibility and control over all functionality owned. Magento will help you build an online store that can increase sales of products or services offered by each individual user.
       A very important thing when we talk about Magento is that is an open-source, so you will not have to buy the software, just download it and then install it. To enjoy all the Magento features is better to turn to a specialist.




Magento features:


      To work more easily with Magento you must have knowledge of PHP, MySQL, CSS, XML, XHTML, SOAP and at the same time tounderstand his functionality to make the most of it. You will have the opportunity to build your own online stores in the shortest time and with great features.

WinWinHost offers its services to its clients to build the online stores that they want.

WinWinHost services for Magento


WinWinHost offers its clients Magento help in the initial installation and extensions to help them in their work to increase productivity

Extensions Configuration:
WinWinHost can help when you want to configure a Magento extension to fully benefit from its functionality.

Custom Development:
Our designers and programmers can help you achieve the desired level in terms of customizing your store to help you increase profits.

Magento Performance Optimization:
When you have a vast experience like our team you can easily build a profitable e-store. Thus WinWinHost can help in optimizing Magento so you can make the most from your work.

Migration to Magento:
Often happen to want to change the platform on which you work and in our days many users want to migrate their e-store to Magento. WinWinHost can help you to migrate your e-store to Magento to take advantage of all features offered by this platform.